Taylor Co. Assessor working to fill big shoes

GRAFTON—The Grafton Rotary Club held its weekly meeting on Wednesday, welcoming newly elected Taylor County Assessor Christa Kinsey, as their guest speaker.

Kinsey took office on January 1, replacing long-time Taylor County Assessor Judy Collett, who decided to retire after nearly 30 years in the position. “I’ve got big shoes to fill,” she exclaimed.

“ I did volunteer work in the community through 4-H, and would help my husband with the Taylor County Fair. Being out in the community, I knew I wanted to run for political office. Even though I didn’t have a lot of experience in the field, I thought I would dive in and make a difference, and I was lucky enough to be elected,” shared Kinsey.

Although her term started with being hit with budget, as well as, oil and gas issues, on her first day, Kinsey is working to be more actively involved with her appraisers, along with working to make the public more aware.

“I want to get out there and visit properties with my appraisers. I don’t want to be at a desk all the time. I think being actively involved is important,” commented Kinsey.

She said that she hopes to make the public more aware of assessment deadlines, as well as, possibly advertising when the appraisers will be in certain areas. In addition, Kinsey would like the public to be more aware of their website, taylorcountyassessorwv.com, and know that assessments can be done online.

Kinsey also shared that it is her hope to have her appraisers and deputy assessors cross-trained. She explained that having them cross-trained would allow for more efficient work in the event that an employee is unable to work.

“I have two appraisers and two deputy assessors right now. One of my deputy assessors is out for surgery at the moment, and it’s hard because no one else knows how to do his job,” said Kinsey.

Some of the other ideas Kinsey shared with the club, for the future of the assessor’s office, is to update maps more frequently, introducing more user-friendly systems, working with farmers to show them how to do their farm value forms and deductions, as well as, modernizing the office.

Currently, the map system updates every three years. Kinsey has been in contact with several companies that offer updated maps every year, thus, making the job of her appraisers a bit easier.

Kinsey said she would like to make changes to the office, to allow the residents of Taylor County to have more privacy, and to modernize the space, allowing for a more efficient workspace.

“I will continue to learn all I can, in the hopes that my hard work, integrity and honesty can help bring positive changes to Taylor County,” added Kinsey.

In addition, club member, Brenda Rosier, shared that the members of the club have raised $1,541 through pledges, to supply a third solar pump to the Eben-Ezer Farm in Haiti.

“ That amount is half way, and we have the amazing hearts of this club to thank for that,” expressed Rosier.

The Grafton Rotary Club will be at Grafton High School next week, recognizing outstanding juniors, as Students of the Month.

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