Take part in survey of health and wellbeing

GRAFTON—Interested in improving your health and getting more active?

The Create Your (Wellbeing) Adventure campaign team is asking residents and visitors of Grafton and Taylor County to participate in a survey to better understand the underlying reasons for physical health issues in the area and how to make healthy living affordable and fun. The survey is available online at bit.ly/WellbeingAdventure.

Create Your (Wellbeing) Adventure is a campaign team run by Enactus WVU students at West Virginia University in the Reed College of Media under the supervision of Dr. Julia Daisy Fraustino. The goal of the campaign is to improve the health and wellbeing of Grafton residents.

All responses to the survey will be kept confidential. Results will be used to aid the campaign in its decisions on how best to address the wellbeing of Grafton residents and visitors. They may also be used in write-ups and a class presentation, but no personal identities will be shared. Again, the survey can be found at bit.ly/WellbeingAdventure and questions can be directed to Kiersten Hizak, (541) 633-8838, [email protected] Learn more about the student group EnactusWVU or request additional information by visiting enactuswvu.wordpress.com.

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