T-Ball program sees great success in 2021 season

GRAFTON—The Taylor County Little League (TCLL) T-Ball program just finished up their 2021 season with great success. 

Baseball in all forms has seen a bit of a resurgence in the past few years across the United States and that resurgence is even being felt in Taylor County.

 The T-Ball program is a good introductory program designed to get kids interested in baseball, and to also to begin work on the fundamentals of the game. 

T-Ball is open to any boy or girl, ages five to seven, who are interested in baseball and learning about  the game, as scoring doesn’t typically take place. 

The TCLL was able to field a whopping six teams this year; the Pirates, Yankees, Orioles, Giants, Red Sox and the Blue Jays.

TCLL President and Blue Jays coach Tim Hussion had a lot to say about this season.

 “These kids persevered through a long hot season! All of them really improved as ball players and enjoyed their time playing together,” he shared.

 “This is really just a jumping off point for all the kids, most of the girls will enter Taylor County’s top tier softball programs with an already working knowledge of the game, and the boys will usually continue on in the Little League program and various other local travel teams in the future. We are proud of each of these kids and numerous volunteers who help to make the TCLL T-Ball program a continuing success,” Hussion voiced.

The staff of the Mountain Statesman would like to congratulate all the teams for a successful season and we look forward to following their success in the years to come. 



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