Superintendent Green undergoes evaluation by the Taylor County Board of Education

TAYLOR COUNTY—Superintendent of Schools, Kathy Green, will be leading the Taylor County School System for another two years.

According to a press release from the Taylor County Board of Education, during a meeting on January 31, the board discussed Green’s performance during her reign as Superintendent.

Green, who is currently serving in her second year of her two-year contract, was evaluated on two main areas: meeting goals set for her, and her performance relative to standards.

During the evaluation, the members of the board graded Green’s performance with a criteria of meets, exceeds or does not meet standards.

The result of the overall evaluation of Green, and the consensus of the Taylor County Board of Education, was that Green had met the goals and performance standards that were set for her for the current school year.

The release states that the board believes Green has had a positive effect on students and staff within the school system, as well as, the community.

Green will begin her new two-year contract with the Board of Education, starting on July 1. The board members expressed that they are looking forward to working with Green in the future, and are excited to see what happens during the next school year.

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