Summer heat plays role in recent Base Invader matchups

GRAFTON—The 12U and 16U Base Invaders battled the intense heat of the mid-summer recreation softball league, along with the top tier talent found on the circuit.

 The Base Invaders are behind the eight-ball when it comes to experience but are quickly catching up.      

The 12U and 16U would travel to Clarksburg this week to challenge the teams in Harrison County. 

The 12U Base Invaders game would be called early due to the heat as several players on both sides of the field would drop out from heat exhaustion.

 “Reagan Taylor pitched the first two innings and P.J. McGinnis did the last two. It was P.J.’s first time pitching, and she did incredibly good. She has a lot of potential. She usually is our catcher and is outstanding in that position. She is going to be one we see a lot of good things from in the future.” coach Jay Taylor voiced. 

The 16U would be able to finish their game, as they had the later game and would be provided the advantage of the evening temperatures.

The advantage would not last long as the dominate Clarksburg team took a massive early lead and would end the game early with a 16-1 final score. 

“We are playing our hardest and we are making small gains each time we step onto the field. Our hitting has started to really come around, but we are just stranding runners on base. I know this team will be dynamite in the years to come as they are just getting started,” head coach Joe Mauller stated. 

Both teams will play Barbour County at home this week. 



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