Success of Taylor County Fireworks’ show contributed to community

TAYLOR COUNTY— This year’s Independence Day fireworks display wooed and wowed spectators.

Melissa and Michael Garvin, owners of Taylor County Fireworks, have been upholding their family’s over twenty-year tradition of lighting up the sky on the Fourth of July, and voiced that they are both happy and proud to do so.

Started back in the 1990s by Dr. William Nicholas, the show has only grown bigger and better over the passing years. After Dr. Nicholas’s passing, his stepson, Mike Garvin and his wife Melissa took up the family business.

There was a short break while they got things settled and got relicensed by the federal government, but then, they were right back at it.

Melissa Garvin said that their supplier will no longer sell a show under $5,000, so in order to put on a dazzling display of fireworks, Taylor County Fireworks would have to raise that minimum amount. The cost of the show covers the fireworks, the insurance and the delivery fee.

The Garvin’s donate their time every year to doing the show, sharing that they are happy to keep this tradition alive for the memory of Dr. William Nicholas and their love for Taylor County.

With a bigger and better show comes in increased cost, so the Garvin’s took to the community to ask for donations to help cover the cost of the stunning display of pyrotechnic colors.

This year marked the Garvin’s fifth year at the helm for the Fourth of July show, which could not have been as successful without the generosity of the community.

“We are so very grateful for the support from the community for this year’s display,” expressed Garvin. “We would like to extend a special thanks to the City of Grafton, Arch Coal/Leer Mine, the Taylor County Commission, Taylor Healthcare Center, Exotic Pet Supply, the Grafton VFW and their Auxiliary, Espresso Yourself Coffee House, Tygart Valley Bulk Foods and several anonymous donors that helped us meet our fundraising goal.”

“We at Taylor County Fireworks are also very grateful to Eric Sevier, for the generous use of his hill, as the launch area for the display of fireworks for the community to enjoy,” she added.

In addition, she said that they would like to extend their gratitude to their pyrotechnics team of Chad Hart and Dustin Dalton.

“We sincerely hope that everyone has a safe and fun summer, and we look forward to next year,” exclaimed Garvin.

The folks at Taylor County Fireworks said that they view the show as more than just bright lights in the night sky, they see it as a way to promote the community. They noted that they also hope that word of the amazing yearly shows will bring visitors from neighboring counties into Taylor County.

“We applaud the efforts of Mike and Melissa for carrying on the tradition established by the late Dr. and Mrs. William and Becky Nicholas,” Espresso Yourself Coffee House owner Tom Hart expressed. “The tradition is much more than just a fireworks display. The tradition is about giving to the community and improving the quality of life here.”


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