Students travel down the road to the future through special project

PRUNTYTOWN—While the COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the traditional school year and events that go hand and hand with a student’s education, many local schools continue utilize today’s technology to continue offering these opportunities. 

Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) counselor Jerry Dooley shared that usually the school puts on a Career Week every year, but this year in the reality that is COVID, events such as this are not permitted to be held, leaving hole in the career exploration portion of the students’ curriculum.

“As a result, I have been making ‘Career Roadshow’ videos to show to our school both in-person and virtually,” he revealed.

Dooley has been reaching out to local places of business asking them to take part in the project with just a few simple steps required.

For the creation of the video, he is asking employees to elaborate on the jobs available within their respective work places, key courses to take at school that could be helpful for obtaining the position, why they work there and the importance of their profession, along with some fun facts about the job in question. 

Additionally, he is requesting that those willing to participate send pictures representing the work, as well as their logo to use in the creation of the video.

 Once the information has been collected it will be compiled into a three to five minute video showcase for students to view.

Dooley also said that those who wish could also send in a short, 30-60 second video tour of their place of business to be included in the project. 

“We want our students exposed to professions from all walks of life,” he expressed. “And there are a lot of cool jobs right here in our own communities that students may generally over look.”

In correlation with the Career Road Show, TCMS will also be doing a Campus Road show video of in-state colleges showcasing programs that are offered at the institutions and exploring what life might be like on campus. 

“While middle school may seem soon to begin focusing on college and career path, in reality it is the best time for students to start thinking about their paths and the direction they’re wishing to take their futures in,”  Dooley voiced. “Preparing our students for the future is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. We want to send them on to the next level with as much knowledge as possible.”



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