Students at GHS celebrate Spanish Heritage

GRAFTON—This past Monday, Spanish students at Grafton High School had yet another cultural experience. 

Students in the Spanish classes had the opportunity to celebrate Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. They were able to get their faces painted with a design of their peers to represent the holiday and ate traditional bread in class. 

The week prior to the event, students of the Spanish III, IV, and V classes constructed alters. These alters were displayed in the commons area of the high school for all students to see and learn about the meaning behind each element of the alter. 

A few of the individuals honored in the alters were Frida Kahlo, Roberto Clemente, and Selena Quintanilla. 

This was a fantastic learning experience for all of the classes, exposing them to the culture in the world surrounding them. Students are constantly learning in fun and exciting ways in the Spanish Program at Grafton High School.

In addition to celebrating the special holiday, Spanish students were once again honored for their devotion to learning the Spanish heritage, being inducted in to the Spanish National Honor Society.

Sra. Skaggs once again outdid herself with a beautiful induction ceremony for the Spanish National Honors Society at Grafton High School. 

She prides herself in the success of her student and is always proud to present them during this induction.

This year included 11 new inductees; Nathan Castle, Jade Hall, Katelyn Novinsky, River Sipes, Landen Hulley, Austin Casto, Garrett Hutson, Jordan Niggemeyer, Alex Himes,  Kayla Greathouse, and Jerra Halbritter. 

After the induction, the audience enjoyed two musical performances as well as a heartfelt speech from Sra. Skaggs. She expressed her gratitude to the students and parents for all of their hard work. 

Attendees were invited to celebrate with tacos and desserts. This truly was a night to remember for these students. 


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