Stratten Wooddell named as Taylor County Athlete of the Week

This week’s Taylor County Athlete of the Week is a key player for the Grafton High School (GHS) Football program, putting extra points on the board for the Bearcats. 

Stratten Wooddell is just a freshman at GHS and a first-year member of the Bearcat football team, but after earning his place as kicker for the middle school last year, GHS coaches took notice, and continue to utilize his kicking abilities to give the Grafton program an edge.  

Wooddell grew up at a multi-sport athlete, participating in basketball, baseball and soccer. He was a member of the travel soccer team, Marion Futbol Club for several years, and during his time at Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) he joined the Knights soccer team, where his kicking ability caught the eyes of more than just the soccer coaches. 

While playing and practicing with the TCMS soccer team, Wooddell drew the attention of the TCMS football members and coaches, and during his eighth-grade year, he started kicking for the Knights football team.

During that single season, Wooddell was an essential part of the team’s game plan, as a kicker with his caliber of talent is hard to come by at the middle school level. 

At the conclusion of his season kicking for the Knights, TCMS Head Coach Bobbly Beltner shared that if he stuck with it Wooddell would be something special in the years to come. 

And sticking with it is just what he decided to do. 

After that initial season, Wooddell put everything he has into becoming better and stronger in his kicking ability, putting in off-season work, attending camps, hitting the weight room, participating in extra practices and recruited the assistance of former Bearcat kicker Joey Dingeldein for some pointers. 

In addition, Wooddell also began working with private coach Matt McCullough to further his skill set. 

All his hard work and determination to better himself has earned Woodell his spot as starting kicker for both the GHS JV and Varsity football teams this season, and to date, he has had some pivotal kickoffs and clutch point afters for the Cats. 

Wooddell is currently ranked 17th in the state in PATs, according to Maxpreps, despite not starting for varsity until the fifth game of the season. 

He has successfully made 11 of his 12 PAT attempts on the varsity team, with his only miss coming during a torrential downpour during their contest in Richwood, where the ball slipped off the tee, putting Wooddell’s kicking percentage close to a college level kicker. 

As just a freshman getting started, great things are sure to be ahead for Wooddell, yet he remains humble giving a special thanks to those who make his success possible including senior snapper Alex Hess and Sophomore Isaiah Vanscoy, the holder for his PATs. 

Congratulations Stratten Wooddell for being named at this week’s Taylor County Athlete of the week! 


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