Sting Rays record stellar season despite falling short in championship

TAYLOR COUNTY—Hoping to reign as second year champions for the NCWV Soccer League, the Taylor County Sting Rays took down three tough competitors before falling in the championship matchup against MCSC Williams.

The MCSC team was seeking revenge on the Sting Rays after they beat them out,1-0, for the championship title last season, and while William’s team would walk away victorious, the Taylor County ladies held their own and didn’t make it easy. 

After intense play, MCSC Williams was able to come out on top with a score of 2-0, snagging the championship title from the Rays. 

Despite not winning the title this season, the team has plenty to celebrate. 

While on their journey to championship play, the Sting Rays outlasted Bridgeport for a 3-1 victory, with goals from Andree Wiles (2) and Ella Moore. 

During the second round, the Rays held MCSC Barnes scoreless for the 6-0 shutout win. Taylor County’s goals came from Summer McCauley (2), Moore (2), Wiles and Lexi Mlinarcik. 

The wins would put the Sting Rays at the top of their group, advancing them to play a formidable Shinnston team in the semifinals, who had only recorded one loss prior to playing the Rays. 

With a solid opening half and possibly the best of the season, the Sting Rays captured an early lead. 

Wiles on wing would set Mlinarcik up for two quick goals. The Rays continued to build on their lead, handing the Shinnston team their second loss of the season with a score of 7-0. 

Those wins can be added to a long list of others, including winning this year’s Loprenzo Cup. 

The Taylor County Sting Rays wrapped up their season recording just two losses and 17 impressive team wins. 

The team was nearly unstoppable on the offensive side of things, collectively scoring 133 goals on the season, while also being strong defenders only giving up 13 goals over 20 games.


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