St. Augustine helps fuel up TCMS Soccer players before games

TCMS Knights Marching Band invited to dinner, too

PRUNTYTOWN—To help ensure that some of Taylor County’s talented athletes had the energy needed to play in the last of their regular season games, on local church group stepped in to feed students.

Before the Knights and Lady Knights boarded buses to head to Harrison County to take on Mountaineer Middle, they were treated to a tasty meal, provided by the St. Augustine Catholic Church’s Women’s Guild.

Both teams, along with Knights Soccer Coaches Ryan Stallings and Kevin Stead and Lady Knights Coaches Jaron Freeman and Logan Beltner, were served up pizza, chips, bananas, water and sports drinks to make sure their bodies were fueled with good food. And to sweeten things up, the Women’s Guild also served up chocolate chip cookie cakes for each team.

“We have some kids on the teams, so we wanted to do something special for them and their coaches,” said Linda Findley. “We are proud of all of the athletes and their hard work and dedication to their teams.”

She said that they are especially proud of the four team members who also attend St. Augustine. Those are Knights Soccer player Dylan Stead and Lady Knights Sophia Collins, Emari Duckworth and Bailey Satterfield.

And because the Taylor County Middle School Knights Marching Band had stayed after school to prepare for a performance at the Knights Football game that same evening, they were invited to enjoy dinner on the Women’s Guild also.

“St. Augustine was pleased to have the opportunity to serve such a wonderfully polite and mannerly group of young people,” Findley voiced. “We would like to thank the coaches and Band Director, Mr. Chiado for leading these youths, instilling in them important life lessons.”

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