Spirit of Grafton Pageant accepting contestant applications

GRAFTON— The Spirit of Grafton Pageant is now accepting applications, for the 2017 pageant.

Melissa Knotts, Pageant Director shared, the applications can be requested on the Spirit of Grafton Pageant facebook page, or email at [email protected], or by calling, 304-669-9863.

Contestants will need to complete the application, pay an entry fee and send in one 5x7 photo and one wallet-sized photo. The photos should be headshots. 

Entry fees are as follows; Miss Queen, age (16-21) $100, Teen Queen, age (13-15)  $75, Pre-teen, age (10-12) $60, and Children’s, age (1-9) $45.

The applications must be mailed. The applications must be postmarked by, April 17, 2017.

The pageant is opened statewide. There will be seven divisions, ranging from Baby Miss Queen to Miss Queen.

The Miss Queen winner, will also compete and represent the Spirit of Grafton, in the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant, held in Charleston, in January 2018. 

The WV Association of Fairs and Festival Queen reigns over the State Fair, in 2018. 

The pageant will be held at Taylor County Middle School, on April 29. The children’s pageant will begin at 1:00 p.m. The queen’s pageant, will include the Queen, Teen and Pre-Teen divisions, and will begin at 6:30 p.m.

All of the children’s age division groups will be awarded, a most photogenic in each age group, second runner up, first runner up and queen.

The queen’s age division groups will be awarded a most photogenic, a congeniality award, second runner up, first runner up and queen.

All of the age division winners are crowned, and queens will need to be available Memorial Day weekend, to participate in the Spirit of Grafton festivities, as well as, the Memorial Day Parade.

Knotts said, “The pageant is also looking for local sponsors, businesses or individuals are welcome.”

According to Knotts, sponsors can include gift items for the winners’ gift packages. The items can be from local businesses, or cash donations, that can be used for scholarships for the queen division, but also donations are needed for all of the age groups. 

“Anything a sponsor would like to donate is welcomed,” said Knotts.

Knotts shared, the Spirit of Grafton Queen will travel the state throughout the year, representing and advertising Grafton. 

“Many queens will use the money for a wardrobe for the competition, or for college. A cash scholarship is a way to help the queen represent our great city,” said Knotts.

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