Spice up your life while supporting a local school

PRUNTYTOWN— Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) has partnered with Jose Madrid Salsa to bring some delicious products to your pantry, while replenishing the school’s general office unrestricted funds.

Because of COVID-19, many schools, including TCMS have been extremely limited on fundraising efforts. While money is still coming out, staffers have had to come up with nontraditional ways to replace some of their funds.

Jane McDaniel, Financial Secretary for the middle school, shared that this is the first time TCMS has worked with Jose Madrid Salsa, and that it was something she stumbled upon when on the search for a fundraiser that would be both successful and safe. 

“This is a brand new fundraising effort for TCMS, and is a much safer option than others,” she explained. “When we did cookie dough, it required staff members to do all the sorting and distributing. With this event, the products are delivered straight to your home, cutting out the middle man, and decreasing exposure of our staff and families.”

Jose Madrid Salsa offers 25 flavors of hand-crafted, gourmet salsas, ranging from hot and spicy to a milder or sweeter blend; claiming to have a flavor for everyone’s taste buds.

The company’s products have even won awards throughout the United States and Canada. 

And supporting your school by placing an order couldn’t be any easier.

To browse their selection and place an order simply visit them on the web, from the comfort and safety of your own home by visiting https://josemadridsalsafundraising.com/, and clicking “shop” at the top of the page.

From there it is just like shopping online anywhere else: select your favorites, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Once you’ve moved on to the checkout process, in the “shipping” section be sure to selected Taylor County Middle School, in the box titled “Fundraiser Group”.

If a student reached out to you asking for your consideration in placing an order, type their name in the area designated for the sales person, and the order will be shipped straight to your home when it is ready.  You can also chose to send an order to a friend or family member by using their address for shipping. 

The best part, 50 percent of all purchases goes directly to the school. So, for each jar of salsa purchased, students and teachers will receive $3.50. 

Anyone in the community is welcome to and encouraged to lend a hand and help out TCMS by placing an order.

“At the conclusion of the fundraiser, the company will send a check to the school, which is great. No one has to handle any money, make trips to the banks, spend hours sorting, counting or distributing. It really is hassle free, and we are happy to be able to host this, as the office unrestricted funds are used at the discretion of the administration to show appreciation to our staff and much more,” McDaniel disclosed.

Any questions about ordering can be directed to the school by calling 304-265-0770.



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