Snowbird visits students at West Taylor Elementary School

GRAFTON—Snowbird visited with students at West Taylor Elementary School to recognize top summer readers.

The students at WTES had WBOY Meteorologist Kristian Claus and Snowbird visit them on Monday afternoon. During the assembly Claus and Snowbird taught students and teachers how to do the “Snowbird Shuffle.”

While there Claus and Snowbird recognized the top five summer readers for the Snowbird Reading Challenge. The top five were, Caleb Edwards, Madison Blair, Hailie Kester, Sophia Austin and Karlea Bise.

The top readers received a toy penguin from snowbird, as well as, a certificate and book from the school. Each winner also received a five-dollar credit for the book fair held earlier this year.

According to Jamison Fisher, Principal at the school, a total of 70 percent of students participated in the summer reading challenge. Every student that completed the challenge received a book from the school.

The students read a total of 9,675 books, for a total of 173,700 minutes, over the summer.

Fisher said, “We are very proud of the students for all of their hard work over the summer.”

Claus told the students, “Thank you guys for doing such a good job. Reading is very important. It means a lot that you guys worked really hard.”