Shreve and Taylor ace the season earning All-Big 10 honors

GRAFTON —Two of the Grafton High School (GHS) Lady Bearcats volleyball team members have been selected  for the All-Big 10 team, this year. 

GHS Senior Payton Shreve was selected for the first team All Big 10 this year, as her performance was extremely consistent.

She was able to separate herself from the pack with exceptional play all year long. 

“Payton has had a sensational year, even in the sectional game. She was a huge asset to our team,”  confirmed head coach Mary Scherzinger. 

Shreve finished the season racking up an impressive record of 336 kills, 59 blocks and 65 aces. 

Fellow GHS Senior Aniesa Taylor was also chosen to represent Grafton as she was selected on the All-Big 10 second team. 

“Aniesa had an awesome year. She is aggressive on the court and has great instincts. I am very proud and happy for both girls as it is an honor to be chosen,” expressed coach Scherzinger.

Taylor wrapped up the season season recording 126 kills, 102 aces and three  blocks.   

The staff of the Mountain Statesman would like to congratulate Payton Shreve and Aniesa Taylor for being selected to the AA All-Big 10 team this year.

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