Show off your writing skills in an Earth Day poetry contest

GRAFTON— In conjunction with Earth Day, which is being observed on April 22, 2017, All Aboard Grafton is sponsoring a poetry contest for students in Taylor County.

According to the rules, the contest is open to  all students in Taylor County, public or homeschooled. The students may write any type of poem, as long as it meets the length requirements that are provided for each grade level.

The guidelines for each grade level are, students in elementary school, grades kindergarten through fourth, need to write a  poem that is 4-20 lines.

Middle school students, grades fifth through eighth, need to write a poem between 8-20 lines.

High school students, grades ninth through twelfth, poems need to be 12-20 lines in length.

The rules state, the poem should be about a topic related to Earth Day, examples are protecting the planet, recycling or love of nature.

The poems should be submitted with a coversheet. The coversheet needs to include the student’s name, poem title, school, teacher and grade. Students that are homeschooled should list their grade equivalent and write “Homeschooled.”

The rules also state, the poem itself should be on a second page, stapled to the coversheet without any identifying information on it. The poem does not need to be typed but must be legible.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three poems in each of the Elementary, Middle and High School categories. The winning poems will also be printed in the Mountain Statesman newspaper.

Anyone submitting a poem, as well as, winners will have the opportunity to read their poems at the Earth Day Celebration, if they would like to. The celebration will take place in downtown Grafton on April 22. More information about the celebration will be released as it becomes available.

The entries for the contest are due by March 31. Entries can be dropped off at the student’s school office, and will be picked up. The poem may also emailed as an attachment to [email protected]