Shoplifter nabbed by Grafton PD

GRAFTON—After returning to the scene of the crime, one individual found himself behind bars, following a theft from a local retail establishment.

Ryan Glenwood Amos, 38, of Pullman, WV, was arrested and charged, by officers with the Grafton Police Department, with third offense shoplifting.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the officer, on Wednesday, November 28, Amos allegedly pulled his company truck, belonging to JAFLO Inc., to the front doors of the Grafton Wal-Mart. He exited the vehicle and entered the store, where a group of televisions were on display near the entrance.

The report states that he attempted to pick up on television, but then shifted his focus to another. Amos allegedly secured the other television and carried it out of the store, placing it in his vehicle, before leaving the premises.

After tracking down a supervisor with the company, the officer was able to send pictures from the store’s security footage to him, to verify the identity of the suspect.

While doing a routine check on the vehicle and Amos’s driver’s license, the officer learned that his driver’s license had been revoked for various charges, such as unpaid citations and driving while suspended non-DUI.

The officer also learned that Amos had previously pleaded guilty to shop lifting through Harrison County Magistrate Court, on two separate occasions.

According to the arresting officer, the department received a call that the suspect had returned to the store later the same evening, to reportedly return the television.

Officers from the department responded to the scene and were able to apprehend Amos.

Upon his arrest, the Harrison-Taylor County 911 Center informed the officer that the suspect had two more warrants out of Harrison County, including one for first offense shoplifting and one for second offense shoplifting.

The officer served both those warrants, making Amos subject to the felony third offense charge that he received for his crime in Taylor County.

He was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, was arraigned on Thursday, and was released on bond.