Several plea agreements entered

GRAFTON—Circuit Court Judge, Alan D. Moats, presided over 15 cases on Wednesday. Among those cases were seven plea agreements.

Cara D. James, 52, entered a guilty plea for attempting to deliver a controlled substance onto the grounds of a correctional facility. According to James’ own statement, she attempted to leave generic forms of Xanax and Oxycodone to a prisoner at Pruntytown Correctional Facility, in September 2016.

James told Moats that she had the medication in her vehicle because of an injury. While visiting with the inmate, Denver Wooten, she said he had asked her to give him the pills.

“He kept pressuring me to do it,” she explained. “I was stupid and wasn’t thinking clearly.”

According to James, once she returned to her vehicle, she put the pills into a container, and as she was leaving the parking area she dropped the medication into a grassy area, where Wooten had instructed her to leave them.

She told Moats that she had second-thoughts about what she was doing and went to retrieve the container, but before she could get them, she saw a guard and got spooked. She went on to explain that the drugs were picked up by Wooten.

“Mr. Wooten called me a couple hours later and told me he had the pills, but had been caught. He must have gotten searched, or whatever they do, and they found them on him,” James shared. “The next thing I knew, like two days later, an officer was at my door to pick me up.”

James is facing two to ten years in jail for her actions in the case. Moats ordered that a presentencing investigation and report were to be completed before he would rule on the case. He ordered that he would allow bond to continue for James.

Carl Joseph Cosco, 45, entered an Alford Plea, which states the defendant wishes to plead guilty without actually accepting guilt, to the charges of sexual assault in the third degree and incest.

For his sexual assault charge, Cosco is facing not less than one, nor more than five years in prison, and could be subject to a $10,000 fine. The incest charge could land him in prison for anywhere from five to fifteen years, and a fine of not less than $500, nor more than $5,000.

Cosco was ordered to register on the National Sex Offender Registry for the remainder of his life, and that he would have to serve an extended probation of 10-50 years. Moats ordered that a presentencing report be completed prior to sentencing.

Matthew E. Eskridge, 31, entered a guilty plea to burglary, breaking and entering in the nighttime, which carries a possible sentence of one-to-fifteen years. His lawyer, Christopher Miller, was asking that Moats consider putting Eskridge on the Taylor County Community Correction program.

“Mr. Eskridge, you have been in front of me before. Nothing has changed. You’re still using drugs and violating the law,” declared Moats. “What is ever going to change?”

Eskridge said he did not want to be a drug addict for the rest of his life, and asked that if he could get into a long-term drug treatment program, if the judge would consider allowing it. Moats told Eskridge if he got a program lined up, he would consider sending him there.

Kevin Christopher Williams, 19, pled guilty to burglary, entering without breaking in the daytime. After refusing to answer all of the judge’s questions, Williams was remanded back to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

Priscilla A. Lewis entered an Alford plea to felony fraudulent schemes. She was sentenced to not less than one, nor more than 10 years in prison to be held in abeyance. She will be placed on the Taylor County Community Corrections program, contingent upon her completing a drug rehabilitation program.

Justin Cole Davisson, 22, pled guilty to one count of felony destruction of property. His charges carry a sentence of one-to-ten years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500. He could have to serve a mandatory one year in the regional jail, and will have to pay back restitution in the amount of $3,230.

Moats ordered that he would consider releasing Davisson on bond, following a report by the probation office on his living arrangements.

The plea agreements wrapped up when Luke John Brown, 32, entered a guilty plea to cruelty to animals. Brown faces one to five years in prison and fines of $1,000-$5,000. Moats ordered a presentencing investigation and report to be completed. Brown was ordered back to jail until they were complete.

Due to spacing issues, additional cases from Circuit Court will be written about in an upcoming edition of the Mountain Statesman.

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