Set your sights on adventure with TCPL

GRAFTON—The friendly folks at the Taylor County Public Library (TCPL) are always striving to provide fun events for the whole family, and after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of their gatherings were cancelled.

Now that restrictions have been somewhat lifted, and after thinking out of the box when trying to come up with a new way to bring families closer as they socially distance, the library will be offering a movie in the park. 

“We hope that everyone will join us for this special event,” said TCPL Director Alesha Tocco. “We were sad when we had to limit our activities, but this will provide a way for us to safely gather with our patrons, for an exciting family event.” 

Join the TCLP folks for an evening of adventure, as they offer residents a chance to see 20th Century Studio’s The Call of the Wild. The film is based off of Jack London’s 1903 novel.

Movie goers are taken on the exciting journey of Buck, a big-hearted canine whose world is turned upside down when his carefree life of leisure quickly changes when he is uprooted and moved to the Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Buck is transformed into a sled dog on the Alaskan frontier, and quickly moves up the ranks to become one of the front-runners of his dog team delivery service.

The movie in the park will begin at nightfall at Maple Avenue Park on Saturday, September 26. Guests are asked to arrive shortly before 8:00 p.m., to claim their spot on the lawn.

“Movie night will be held, weather permitting,” Tocco shared. “Everyone in attendance is asked to please follow the safe social distancing protocols while enjoying the movie.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets and snacks of their choice to enjoy while viewing the feature presentation.

“We really hope that everyone will come out and enjoy the evening with us,” expressed Tocco. “Coronavirus halted so many activities that were being held indoors, so we came up with this idea as a way we could provide some sort of programing to our patrons and the community.”


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