Sending AJES students back with positivity

GRAFTON—School in Taylor County officially started this week, and for many students it can be an exciting, but scary time. One local school welcomed their students back with some words of encouragement to start the year off right. 

On Sunday, while parents and students were getting ready for their big day, the Anna Jarvis Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was busy at work at the school decorating the sidewalks to welcome students on Monday morning.

PTO Co-President Kelbi Harman shared that the PTO wanted to show the kids that they are here for them and want the absolute best school experience they can help provide.

“I work with the best group of ladies,” Harmen expressed. “I’ve never seen such caring and loving people.”

She voiced that they may have children of their own, but if you ask any of them, they will say that the 650 plus kids that attend the school have their hearts.

“There are not many people you’ll find that will spend their Sunday afternoon drawing on sidewalks, or their weekends decorating and planning events, or their free time planning, budgeting and working hours on hours and just be a volunteer,” Harman added.

In addition to helping the students on the first day of school, they also wanted to show their appreciation to the teachers.

“We provided a back to school breakfast for the staff on their first day back, and on the first day of school we stocked the lounge with snacks and drinks,” she commented.

Harman added that they will need everyone’s support and help to help make the year successful and that the PTO is always looking for parents to help with events and projects.

“Anna Jarvis is blessed with some of the best,” she commented. “We are looking forward to an awesome year full of fun and exciting events!”

Harman shared that if you’re a parent or family member of an AJ kiddo and want to be involved they would love to have you.

Their first meeting for the school year will be held on Tuesday, September 3, at 6:30 p.m., immediately follow open house, that starts at 5:30.


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