Scotty Hamilton Gymnasium to get new gym floor

GRAFTON—Desperately in need of being updated, the Scotty Hamilton Gymnasium floor at Grafton High School is currently in the process of getting a whole new look.

After many hours were put in by administration, coaches, students, and the community through researching, submitting, and finalizing designs, the discussion that started years ago will finally come to fruition.

“John Potts (head of maintenance) really spearheaded the movement,” said GHS Principal Lori Shumaker. “He was the one that secured the contract. The original plan was to get both gyms (TCMS and GHS) done last summer, but the basketball teams needed somewhere to practice, and since we realized that TCMS’s floor was more of a priority, we decided to work on that one first.”

Administration, coaches, and Hiram Reyes, who has constructed top-rate gymnasium floors all over the state (including TCMS’s last summer), met to discuss the school’s vision of their new floor as it would not only need to benefit basketball, but volleyball as well.

“We looked at Hiram’s work at Clay Battelle High School and East Fairmont High School,” Shumaker said. “He does quality work. We then went through a process with a graphic artist where we sent in pictures from old yearbooks of the Grafton “G,” the Bearcat “paws,” old uniforms, everything we could find. He cleaned them up and came up with a few different versions of the new logos, including an updated “G,” and we bought the copyrights and files. You need to realize, there are 17,000 different blues, so we picked the blues and golds that we thought we used the most. Along with the updated G, the court will also have “Grafton” and “Bearcats,” and there will be new wall art. The court will also be closer to its natural color and we made sure that it would accommodate volleyball’s needs as well.”

Athletic Director Rich Bord was also appreciative of everyone’s hard work, including Shumaker’s, that went into getting a new gymnasium floor and all the tough choices that come with such a complex project approved.

“The discussion started a few years ago and then the BOE passed it,” said Bord. “Lori has done a great job with color schemes, getting an approved royal blue color, and offering different options with logos. The floor will be sanded all the way down and we’re going to stick with an updated G in the middle, and it will also say Grafton Bearcats. We also wanted to make sure that it benefitted volleyball, and we were able to accomplish that.”

The wall mats will also be replaced to match the new gym floor’s color scheme.

“We plan to move the wall mats to the Clair Bee gymnasium,” Shumaker explained. “It is a priority for administration to keep updating and improving Clair Bee. New ramps are also slated to be installed at CB this summer.”

Shumaker also stated that all of this wouldn’t be possible without the help from the residents of Grafton and the surrounding communities.

“I just want to say thank you to Taylor County and the Taylor County communities for consistently supporting the schools with a levy,” she added.


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