Salvation Army restructuring plan to assist individuals in Taylor, Barbour and Randolph Counties

TAYLOR COUNTY—After the announcement was made in April that the Grafton Salvation Army would be closing its doors for good, many wondered what would happen to those who utilized the various services offered by the organization.

For nearly 100 years, the charitable organization has been helping residents get back on their feet in times of need, and in the recent years, that help was depended on more than ever. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many found themselves cut down in hours at work or even out of a job completely, and the Salvation Army was there to continue to provide relief, whether it be with utility bills, food or through another outreach program.

The Grafton Salvation Army has been a helping hand in not only the Taylor County community, but those in Barbour and Randolph Counties as well.

However, once word came down that the local branch of the Salvation Army would no longer be operational, many feared that they would be without assistance.

However, through the efforts of those higher up in the organization, restructuring has occurred that will afford residents a way to continue to receive assistance when in need.

According to a recently issued press release, restructuring is underway that will allow for needs in Taylor, Barbour and Randolph Counties to be met more efficiently.

Because The Salvation Army has always worked hard to ensure they were being good stewards to those in the communities they served, the organization was tasked with balancing the needs of the community with the financial ability to meet those needs.

To help free up money that would be funneled directly into those programs that help residents, the decision was made to alter the operations of The Salvation Army of Grafton Corps.

Due to restructuring, expenses will be significantly reduced, according to the release.

“Thus, freeing up critical funds to support the vital programs and services the corps provides,” the release states. “It is hoped that these changes will result in more money available to serve those in need, thus allowing The Salvation Army to provide additional assistance.”

Effective June 27, Taylor County will be served by The Salvation Army Fairmont Service Unit, which falls under the management of The Salvation Army of Morgantown.

Barbour and Randolph Counties will now be served by The Salvation Army of Elkins Service Center, an extension of The Salvation Army of Clarksburg.

“Over the next months, The Salvation Army will continue to provide services at the Corps building located at 111 Beech Street one day a week,” the release further revealed.

Those operations will be overseen by the Fairmont Service Unit of the Salvation Army.

“We are hopeful that this restructuring of the Army and this region will help us to serve Grafton in a far more effective and efficient way,” said Major Bobby Westmoreland, Divisional General Secretary for The Salvation Army Potomac Division. “We will continue to rely on the support of our donors and friends so we may help those in the greatest need in this community we love and are proud to be part of.” 


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