Rubenstein invites you to explore gateways provided by photography

GRAFTON—The Taylor County Arts Council is proud to announce that they will be featuring the works of a local woman who harbors a passion for finding beauty in the simple things in life but knows that her subjects are anything but simple.

As a child, Cindy Rubenstein would often look at old black and white photographs of her family. On the surface, the pictures presented times of family gatherings, holidays, and the like, and helped to instill in her a deep interest in photography.

However, even as a young child, Rubenstein came to realize that those captures were not merely something fun to look at, but that those photographs contained a whole story, and that those stories were the gateways between generations.

“I would imagine what a house long gone once looked like or how people I had never met may have interacted with one another,” she explained.

The realization that these images were more than just processed pictures only sparked her interest in photography more, and Rubenstein, with a keen eye for the art, began capturing images of her own. 

These photographs not only portrayed a lovely sight but helped to tell a story of a life lived and events that were memorable to her.

“My photographs, while seemingly ordinary moments, are actually extraordinary moments that developed off camera,” Rubenstein told.

And while she first began using a traditional camera and has admitted that her Nikon is by far her favorite, Rubenstein soon realized that the easiest way to capture moments in a split second was by utilizing a different too: her phone camera.

In fact, the photography being exhibited in her show titled “Gateways,” is that of images she caught through the lens of her iPhone X.

The stunning compilation includes shots from West Virginia, New Hampshire and California, three of the artists favorite places to be.

Rubenstein hails from Grafton, where she was born and raised. For the past 20 years, she has been a professional counselor. 

When not helping those around her or snapping photos, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Shawn, and her two children Elias and Violet. But in those moments, she is never too far from her camera.

Some may say that her upbringing in Grafton may have allowed Rubenstein to take notice of the small, beautiful moments that occur, that help to tell a larger story of life.

The Taylor County Arts Council welcomes you to come and take in Rubenstein’s works, during the opening of her exhibition during Grafton’s April First Friday Events. An opening reception will be held on Friday, April 1 from 6:00-8:00 p.m., where guests will be able to meet with the artists and hear about some of their favorite shots.

“Please stop by and visit with Cindy and enjoy an amazing show,” said an arts council member. “One that will open the gateways to ideas and imagination.”

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