Rotarians continue to assist in the Haiti Project

GRAFTON— The Rotary Club of Grafton heard from one of their own on Wednesday.

Rotarian Brenda Rosier presented the club with a video, showcasing the Eben-Ezer Farm Project in Haiti.
Rosier has been involved in the project, which supplies Fort Liberte, Haiti with clean water for nearly 13 years.

Forte Liberte is still on the road to recovery after a devastating 15 year drought that not only left most of the area covered in dirt and briars, but also caused food and clean water sources to become scarce.

Rosier reported that, 16 Drip Irrigation Systems have been supplied to the area by generous donations. These systems are allowing the people of Haiti to grow their own crops and have a clean water supply.

“Seven of the Drip Irrigation Systems were able to be bought because of the kind hearts and donations from the people in this club,” Rosier expressed.

She shared that when she visited the area in 2011, the Eben-Ezer Farm was nothing more than dirt, and that it wasn’t uncommon to see locals eating “cookies” made of rice and dirt. However, now that farm is beginning to thrive.

Rosier shared that they have now been able to plant 2,000 plantain crops, which cover three acres.

“You just have to be there, to see these people down on their knees thanking their American friends,” said Rosier.

In addition to supplying a food source, The Eben-Ezer Farm is changing lives by providing nutrition, employment and self-esteem. The farm has created nine full-time jobs, along with several part-time positions, and has the potential to feed hundreds of families.

According to Rosier, the farm even has a green house now. However, with the first two sections of the farm thriving, Rosier explained that a submersible solar pump is needed to supply water to the third area of the farm.

“The workers can not efficiently get a water supply to the third end of the farm, to be able to water crops there. We need the submersible solar pump so the third area can be just as successful as the other two,” Rosier declared.

She went on to say that she would like to make it happen this year while planting season is at its best.

“So that is our next goal. To provide this solar pump to the third well,” explained Rosier. “There are endless possibilities here. I eat, drink and think about the people of Haiti being able to feed themselves. We are not just providing a handout, but a hand up.”

Rosier reported that the approximate cost of the solar pump, and everything needed to get it running, would be $3,000.

With a goal of making a difference in not only their own community, but in the world, in any way they can, the Grafton Rotary Club will be making pledges to help provided the solar pump to the farm.

“I’ve taken 12 trips to Haiti and I have just seen so much progress,” stated Rosier. “Had I not seen any progression I wouldn’t have brought this to the group, but this farm just continues to be such a blessing to these people. It is hard for me not to get emotional when I see how far they’ve come.”