Rock reigns supreme in 2022 Fittest Lady Contest

TAYLOR COUNTY—The title of 2022 Fittest Lady has been awarded after competitors took to the gym in several grueling events with hopes of walking away the winner.

Each year, Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center puts ladies to the test, pushing them to reach new levels in various areas including strength, stamina and aerobic respiration during their Fittest Lady Contest.

The competition is designed to inspire everyone to work hard, become healthier by exercising and improving eating habits, while motivating the ladies to push to be the fittest of them all.

“The month of May was a crazy one for these ladies, and wow, what a contest,” expressed Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center Manager Ricky Williams. “This year featured quite a competitive group.”

Participants ages 16 though 52 put their skills to the test, with contestants competing from five different counties, and even one from Pennsylvania.

After a month of competing in a battery of challenges, sweating, yelling and sometimes crying, the ladies awaited the results, and when the numbers were tallied, Grafton’s Rachel Rock was victorious.

“Rachel came in with a game plan, was in great condition and just pushed herself to the max,” voiced Williams. “After a top three finish last year, I knew she would do excellent this year, as well.”

Rock set her sights on claiming this year’s title, and with determination and dedication, she just couldn’t be stopped.

“She was not settling for anything other than first place,” Williams expressed. “Rachel is very strong, has great lung capacity and with a ‘no quit’ attitude, well that makes her pretty dang tough!”

Grafton’s Olivia Shaw put on quite an impressive performance, who earned second in the competition. After earning a fourth-place nod last year, Williams was sure that she would excel in the 2022 contest.

“As a competitor, Olivia does not know the meaning of quit. She knows hard work and dedication,” Williams shared.

Third place was awarded to a first-time competitor, Grafton’s Elizabeth Uhl, whose background in soccer more thank likely helped propel her above the competition.

“She jumped right into the contest with both feet,” Williams disclosed. “What a hard worker, much respect to her and her results.”

During the contest, female competitors are put to the test in ten vigorous events, and competitors fought for the fastest time in each event, with a staff member recording their times and completion, for their chance to be named fittest lady.

According to Williams, this year’s events were more challenging than that of last year.

Williams shared the competition was another great success, and that he was very impressed with all of the competitors.

“We want to congratulate Rachel on a well-earned victory, along with Olivia and Elizabeth,” Williams expressed. “They made this year a great year and a great contest!”

“I would like to thank all of our participants,” he imparted. “This was a great year and a very close contest. We had several ladies from previous years that worked very hard, had tremendous dedication and really made an impact this year. I am already looking forward to next year’s competition.”


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