Residents take part in National 4-H Week, learn more about area clubs

TAYLOR COUNTY—This week is National 4-H week and Taylor County 4-H clubs kicked it off right with a celebration at Castle Creek Park Saturday.  4-H members and potential members enjoyed crafts, corn hole and the playground.

One 4-H club did start their celebration a few days early, the Haymond Eagles got the word out about 4-H by participating in the Grafton High School Homecoming parade and signing 4-H songs the entire route.

The Haymond Eagles is just one of four active 4-H clubs in Taylor County.  Not only are there four clubs to choose from there is also a 4-H Robotics, Teen Leaders, Junior Livestock, Kidding Around Yoga and an air rifle team to join.  The activities for 4-Hers are vast and there is a wide variety.

Many 4-Hers take advantage of the Taylor County 4-H camp, held every summer at Camp Towles.  Some of the incredible classes that have been offered in the past is canoeing, archery, air rifle, folk dancing, cooking and fishing just to name a few.  Non 4-Hers are able to attend the camp as well providing there is space.  It’s a wonderful week for campers to be in and enjoy nature, unplugged from most technology and video games. 

There are also educational projects that members take through the year. There is a huge variety of life enriching projects that members can choose from.

Many members projects are animal based, teaching the next generation to raise livestock as well as marketing it.  Many a 4-Her take advantage of showing and selling their animal or animals at the Taylor County Fair Livestock auction. 

As if all this wasn’t enough, members are also constantly doing projects for the community such as clean ups, visiting retirement homes, making toys for the local Humane Society and many more. 

There are many benefits to children joining 4-H.  4-H empowers kids can give kids the confidence to become true leaders.   It builds life skills by leading hands on projects in areas such as science, health, agriculture, and civic engagement.  4-H members cultivate lasting friendships and memories. 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in 4-H please contact the Taylor County Extension Office at 304-265-3303.


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