Residents solve murder over the weekend

GRAFTON—This weekend’s fundraiser for the Manos Theatre was a lovely evening out for many locals.

The murder mystery dinner show, Cafe Murder, put on by Theatre on Main was well attended and received. Besides the laughter that the comedy brought, many also complimented the delicious meal that was served.

Dinner was prepared by Mayor Peggy Barney and her husband Dave Barney. The couple picked some of their favorite home cooked tried and true dishes for the menu.

Baked chicken that melted in your mouth, flavorful baby potatoes, perfectly seasoned green beans, the mayor’s secret coleslaw recipe, rolls and a trio of desserts were served.

Diners entered the Cafe Murder set and enjoyed their dinner and social time before the play started. As they dined on deserts the show started, and the fun began.

The play is that of five sisters out celebrating a birthday dinner. When the sisters are return from the restroom there are only four.

So, who did it? That was for the audience to figure out instead of the bumbling detective portrayed by Rebecca Manley. 

The Matitre’ D, the host for the show, portrayed by Jason Dingeldein walked the diners through the play.  It is he who instructed the diners that they may ask three questions of each actor to come up with their guess as to who the culprit was.

Each night, the event was well attended with forty-seven guests the first night and forty-nine the second night. 

After the tables made their guesses, the murderer was revealed, much to the delight of the audience.

Director and cast member Duretha Mayle thanked the audience at the end of both shows saying, “I just want to thank you all for supporting the arts. This has been a great learning experience and we have had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.”

We appreciate your support, and the money that we raised here tonight will go into an account to help renovate the Manos Theatre,” she added. “Theatre on Main was formed so that we can get the Manos open and be able to play there instead of coming to other places. We thank you so much again for supporting us, and we thank you for coming. Have a great night!”

If you would like to contribute to the revitalization of the Manos Theatre, you can do so at the city building.


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