Republican Executive Committee reaching voters in various ways

TAYLOR COUNTY—In an effort to reach as many voters as possible, while affording residents the chance to meet their representatives, the Taylor County Republican Executive Committee has announced their next meeting date.

According to Committee Chair, Dr. Fred Guidi, the next meeting of the executive committee will take place on Monday, August 1, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Flemington Emergency Squad Building.

Guidi explained that a long-time goal of the group has been to hold meetings at various locations throughout the county, offering citizens a chance to meet their elected officials and those seeking their vote in the upcoming general election.

To reach individuals in the western end of the county, the committee was able to obtain the building for their upcoming meeting.

Committee Member Shawn Thorn reports that the work that he and his team have done in securing the Flemington EMS location is a step in that direction. 

“In the past we have held meetings in or near the Grafton area, but we wanted to visit voters in other parts of the county making it easier for folks to get to know their elected officials,” Thorn voiced. “We invite all current office holders and those seeking voter approval in November to attend this meeting.”

And to further reach registered republicans or those seeking to enter the party, the Taylor County Republican Executive Committee will be making their way to the Taylor County Fair.

“We will have a booth at the Taylor County Fair, with candidates and candidate information on hand,” Guidi revealed.

He shared that it is the hope of the entity to be set up in their new headquarters, located in downtown Grafton, by September 1, as a way to allow voters a chance to obtain additional information pertaining to candidates so that they may make an informed decision when voting in the General Election this November.

For more information about the committee, please contact Guidi at 304-559-4559 or Jay Taylor at 304-319-2327.


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