Reed Between the Lines with Alderson Broaddus Head Basketball Coach Stephen Dye

In this edition of Reed Between the Lines: Alderson Broaddus Head Basketball Coach Stephen Dye

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am 37 years old. My wife’s name is Tia and my son’s name is Jakobi. I am a believer in Christ. I graduated from AB with a Business Marketing degree and earned my Master’s Degree in Sports Management from WVU. I spent 9 years as the head basketball coach at Glenville State College before taking over at AB this August.

When and why did you get into coaching?

After I graduated from AB, I wanted to stay in the game that I loved since I was three years old, so I started as a grad assistant at D&E College immediately. My dad has always been a coach and I think I saw early that I wanted to help kids like my dad.

What is one rule change that you’d most like to see happen in college basketball?

I think it’s time that men’s basketball joins the rest of the world and goes to four quarters rather than the current two halves. It only makes sense.

What has changed within the sport between when you played and now?

Today’s game is much less physical than when I played. The Steve Nash rule allowing freedom of movement has changed the game. It’s probably for the better. Allows more skill.

What is your favorite movie about sports?

So many good sports movies I can’t decide! Any and all underdog stories will get my emotions going.

What is the toughest position to play on the basketball court? Why?

Point guard is by far the hardest position to play! A truly good PG should be the coach on the floor! He/she needs to be the ultimate leader on the floor, in the locker room, out in the community, and truly everywhere. Not only is it a lot of responsibility, but the PG must control the tempo of the game and see that the right people are getting the right shots. He/she should know every position on the floor and be able to hold each and every teammate accountable. PG’s must be tough mentally and physically. 

How important are assistant coaches to your day-to-day heading coaching duties? 

Vital!  Without a good staff, a college basketball program cannot be successful.  There would be no way to get my duties accomplished on a day to day basis without assistants.

If I am a high school basketball player and I’m looking to play at the next level, why should I consider AB?

One word, FAMILY! Our culture is strongly routed in family. You come to AB and you will get a great education, you will play high level college basketball, and you will forever have a BATTLER FAMILY that will always be there for you.

Now that the season is underway, what is the outlook for this year’s team? 

This season is about laying the foundation and implementing our culture. We knew this season was going to be a difficult season, mainly because I didn’t get the job until three days before school started.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AB is a dream job for me! I want to have our program nationally recognized again and consistently competing for a conference and national championship!

What do you think you do well as a coach?

A strong coaching trait I feel I have is caring for my guys! I get that from my dad! 

What do you think you need to work on as a coach?

Everything! Coaches should be in constant pursuit of knowledge. Coaching has changed so much over the years, if you’re not willing to learn new ways then you wont be able to last long in the business.

Where is your favorite away venue to coach and why?

I’ve been blessed to play two exhibition games against Huggs and the Mountaineers in the Coliseum. Growing up a Mountaineer fan it’s amazing to coach on that sideline. And to coach against Coach Huggins is an experience I’ll never forget. Just don’t ask me the score!

Give me the name of one player on your team who doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves.

Zach Simpkins. Zach is a freshman from Winfield, WV who displays all the great qualities a teammate should have. He’s a hard worker and a “team first” guy who makes us better everyday!

What makes the best college basketball teams great?

The CULTURE! Most teams have talent. But the championship-caliber teams have strong culture that propels them through times of adversity! Every team faces adversity during games and during the season, but most aren’t strong enough to overcome it. Therefore, the culture you build must be strong enough to smash through adversity and transform into a WINNING MENTALITY.

Who is the best basketball player you have either played or coached against?

I worked out with JJ Redick a few times back in high school. My claim to fame is I beat him in a three-point contest! But he crushed me in a 1-on-1 game.

What did you think of these questions?

I enjoyed answering these questions. I enjoy questions that make me think!

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