Reed Between the Lines Coach Joe Mauller gets candid with Sports Editor Scott Reed

In this edition of Reed Between the Lines: Taylor County Youth League Head Coach Joe Mauller

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Grafton and I’ve lived here my whole life. I enjoy watching sports, hanging with the family and being at the field practicing something with the kids.

When did you first decide you that wanted to get involved with coaching?

Honestly, I have always been interested in coaching. When Chelsea and AJ got involved in sports they asked if I would help out and I did and fell in love with it.

Who is your favorite sports hero and why?

Babe Ruth. The way he was raised and what he overcome to become who he was is an amazing story to me. He wasn’t always a good guy, but he was real and played the game he loved with a passion that not many people have.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about trying out for youth league softball but is nervous or scared about it?

I would tell them its okay to be nervous and scared. Trying something new can be very intimidating but if you don’t try at all you’ll never know if you would have liked it.

What is your favorite movie about sports?

The Babe.

What is the most bizarre question you have ever been asked by someone about softball?

I was asked where the real softballs were at because all the ones in the bucket were hard. Not bizarre but really funny.

What is the one thing you always do after winning a big game?

I go get Ice Cream man. Doesn’t everybody go get ice cream? If not, they should.

Describe the opportunity of being able to coach your kids.

It’s always fun to have the chance to coach my kids. They, like most other kids, always listen better to another coach than me but it is special to be there enjoying the moment with them.

What are your best and worst memories in athletics?

My best memory would have to be the first time seeing Chelsea and AJ on a field. The worst for me is seeing players after a loss when they are upset and beating themselves up. 

If you could be a successful professional athlete in any sport, what would it be?

Baseball for sure. I wasn’t too terrible at it.

What one word or phrase do you think describes you?


What is the toughest position to play on the softball field?

I’m saying pitcher for sure. Have you heard the other girls cheering from the dugout? How these girls can tune that out and throw strikes is just awesome.

What wins softball games, pitching or hitting?

I’m going to have a lot of hitters mad at me but I’m going with pitching.

You get to spend the day with anyone (past or present), who do you choose and why?

Both of my grandads. They were both gone before I was born, and it would be nice to get to know them a bit.

What would you say to one of your players who is really struggling to perform on a particular day?

I would tell them it’s ok to have a bad day. Everyone does, but they need to clear their head, let it go, and go play the game how I know they can.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully still coaching and helping the youth out in the county however I can.

What do you think you do well as coach?

I like to think I make things fun without losing the reason we are there and that’s to get better every practice, every game, and every year.

Give us a brief glimpse into your upcoming fall softball league.

I’m very excited for this fall. I get the chance to learn from Gary Chambers and help coach an amazing group of talented girls. To the best of my knowledge this will be the first fall team that’s been put together in Taylor County and we will be playing surrounding counties and I’ll make sure you get a schedule so the community can come out and support “The Base Invaders.”

Give me one word to describe athletics in Taylor County.

Exciting! With the group of coaches that are around now it is a very exciting time for sports in Taylor County. I am just glad to be a part of it and the community really couldn’t ask for better people to be coaching their kids these days.

What did you think of these questions?

They are great questions Scott! Harder than any final exam I’ve ever taken. Definitely a lot better than my answers. Keep up the good work man, you’re doing a great job.

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