Recent death being investigated as a homicide following official report

TAYLOR COUNTY—After receiving the preliminary reports from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Charleston in a recent death investigation, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department has reported that they are now focused on a homicide.

According to Sheriff Terry Austin, deputies responding to the scene of a deceased individual, later confirmed to be 54-year-old Perry Setler, of Grafton, had an inkling that something unlawful might have occurred.

“During our initial preliminary investigation, we suspected that we might be dealing with a homicide, but we needed more solid evidence to help substantiate that belief,” shared Austin.

He reported that his department has been handling the investigation from the beginning as if foul play had occurred.

Setler’s body was found just after noon, on July 3, in the Parkview area, just outside of Grafton City limits, after a request was made, by a family member, to check on his welfare. The family member reported that Setler had last been seen or heard from on Sunday, July 1, and failed to show up for work on Monday.

A deputy, armed with a K-9 unit were sent to investigate Setler’s residence, and quickly located the body in the wooded area outside of the home.

Upon finding Setler’s remains, Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord requested that the body be sent to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Charleston.

A report from the state medical examiner’s office revealed that Setler had been shot, causing his death.

“However, there were no weapons found at the scene, contrary to some of the rumors going around,” Austin revealed.

He said that there was no indication that the gunshot was self-inflicted. Those factors indicated to the officers that the death was, in fact, a homicide.

Because it is still very early in the investigation, Austin said that he could not confirm that they had a person of interest.

“I still have leads that are being checked out. No resources are being spared in the investigation, and I will be bringing in more man power to help assist my department,” he explained.

Austin is asking that if anyone has any information about the crime, that they contact 681-758-0035.

“Any information given will remain confidential,” he reminded.

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