Quinn’s Slinging Meat hits the shelves

TAYLOR COUNTY—Local writer Ryan Quinn is seeing his dream come to fruition, through hard work, dedication and persistence.

After having his screenplay, The Devil’s Diary picked up by Canadian Director and Producer Manuel DaSilva, the writer decided to take a different approach for his work that would hopefully help aspiring screenplay writers.s

And while Quinn shared that setbacks have occurred, due to health issues and the COVID-19 pandemic, talks are still occurring to have the piece turned into a movie.

“We are looking to finish a few projects and hopefully get things lined back up to try again soon,” he shared.

Armed with a new concept and idea on how to share his talents with the masses, Quinn began working on his newest piece titled Slinging Meat. Described as a bloody comedy, the idea came to him from his own personal life experiences.

“I actually had sold meat out of the back of a truck back when I was like 18, and it was a nightmare,” Quinn explained. “I was paired up with a shady character, and it was a strange, yet funny, day to say the least. But that’s what gave me the idea to build off of for my story.”

Slinging Meat introduces readers to Delmas Jenkins, a long-time accountant who loses his job to new computer programming. Down on his luck, and forced to take whatever job he can get, Jenkins obtains a job selling meat from the back of a truck.

But that’s not the worse part in his journey. After being partnered up with Griff, a drug popping, wise cracking, meat slinging machine, Jenkins will never be the same. 

“After a training day from hell and several hilarious unfortunate events, life will never be the same for poor Delmas,” Quinn revealed. “It’s a story that you won’t want to pass up!”

Quinn revealed that Slinging Meat has already garnered attention from readers and critics, currently ranking in the top 46 percent out of 79,232 feature screenplays listed on www.Coverfly.com.

He shared that he was excited to announce that Slinging Meat is available in print. Bound copies, showcasing the artwork of professional artist Tadeo F. Phillips on the cover, can now be purchased locally.

Individuals can claim their copy of the screenplay at the Grafton Tobacco and Vape Outlet, located at 5 Harman Center, in Grafton.

“This is the first time one of my screenplays has been available on a shelf at a store other than online or bought from me directly,” Quinn disclosed. “I really appreciate Raj, the owner of the tobacco outlet, for helping support a local artist from the community.”

The local talent said that he has finished six screenplays in total and has several other projects that he is working on and planning to release to the public as books in the future.

“Not only is it a fun way to read a story, but it is also a learning experience for people who may be wanting to try their hand at screenwriting,” Quinn expressed. “When I first started out years back, I had to learn from webinars and an agent that I used to have. It was hard.”

Determined to see success, he shared that he kept writing and submitting to companies for feedback until it all started falling in place. Now, he hopes to share the knowledge he has obtained with future writers.

He explained that sales from Slinging Meat would allow him to enter competitions that could help propel his career. A feat that is within reach for Quinn, whose work has already begun to gain recognition.

“My screenplay The System Is Broken Bad has placed in two contests so far,” explained Quinn. “It was a quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Comedy Competition 2021 and a semifinalist in The Miami Screenplays Awards 2021.”

In addition, Rural Route 76 was named as a semifinalist in the LA International Screenplay Competition Winter 2021, and Christian & Single placed as a semifinalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition Spring 2022.

And with talent backed back drive and determination, Quinn hopes to see success with his writings.

“If Slinging Meat sells well in the store, then all of my other screenplays will be made available at the Grafton Tobacco and Vape Outlet, as well,” Quinn imparted.

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