Post Office tree receives new plaque

GRAFTON—Grafton’s March First Friday saw a plaque placing go down in the history books for Grafton and Taylor County.

When the glorious old tree by the Grafton Post Office had to be cut down, Bradley Sickles, United States Postal Worker, decided he needed to take action.

“It had to be cut down. Most of the limbs were dead, and we were picking up parts of it constantly. Even still I just hated to see it go.  They finally removed it July 17, 2018, and it had turned 81 years old in May,” said Sickles. 

Sickles revealed that by the time fall had arrived, he decided it was time to make his mark on his hometown and plant a new tree.

On Friday, the plaque for the new tree was placed. Although the tree was dedicated in February by the West Virginia Memorial Day Committee, the plaque placing was held for March’s First Friday celebration.

Resident and mail carrier, Sickles purchased a new tree and fundraised for the plaque when the old historical tree had to be cut down. This new tree and plaque were placed for the enjoyment of future generations.

“Just like Elizabeth Cummins Jackson, I’m thrilled to have something with my name on it in my hometown that will be there long after I am gone,” he noted.

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