Poling receives sanction for continued Community Corrections violations

TAYLOR COUNTY—Multiple defendants were sent back to jail after failing to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth for their supervision handed down in Taylor County Circuit Court.

Among those who found themselves back in front of the Honorable Shawn D. Nines was 30-year-old Kayla Marie Poling, who had previously been indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury during their April 2022 term on the charge of unlawful assault.

Poling was placed under the supervision of the Taylor County Community Correction Program, under the watchful eye of Director Tammy Narog. As part of the agreement to allow her to attend the program, it stipulated that the defendant attend a drug treatment program.

Poling entered into the West Virginia Sober Living Program in Morgantown. It is reported that those in charge of the program allowed Poling to attend vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Upon her return, the defendant was drug and alcohol tested, and was positive for both. Because she had failed to adhere to the rules of the program, she was discharged and told to return back to Community Corrections, however she failed to do so.

The court ordered a warrant for her arrest on August 10. Upon learning of the capias, Poling informed the Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office that she would turn herself in by the end of the day. She, however, she was not true to her word.

Narog reported that on August 15, Poling contacted the Community Corrections program and informed that she was at the Harmony Ridge Treatment Center. Upon her entry into that program, Poling was once again drug tested and yielded a positive result.

Because of her continued drug use and her inability to follow the instructions and rules given to her, a request was submitted to the court to have Poling’s supervision revoked.

When questioned, Poling admitted to the allegations presented to the court, but through her attorney, Thomas Dyer, it was requested that she be allowed to return to the Harmony Ridge treatment program.

The state, represented by Prosecutor John Bord, noted that the defendant clearly suffered from a severe addition to drugs, and that it was their position that she be allowed to return to the program to address those issues.

Judge Nines, also noting the severe pull that drugs can have on a person, ordered that for her continued drug use and absconding from the jurisdiction of the court, Poling would be sanctioned for 60 days, spending that time in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

He further ordered that upon her release, she would be placed back onto the Community Corrections program and allowed to enter a long-term drug treatment facility.


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