Police net four arrests, with seven charges, in a two-day span

GRAFTON—Police from multiple agencies in Taylor County net four arrests in a two-day span, resulting in seven separate charges.

Timothy Allen Trott, 41, of Thornton, faces multiple charges after police were dispatched to a domestic dispute involving a firearm. Trott is charged with brandishing a weapon, domestic battery, interfering with emergency communications and felon in possession of a firearm.

According to a criminal complaint filed by a West Virginia State Police officer, he responded to the scene, and spoke with Trott’s victim. She told the officer that Trott had hit her in the face and on the back of the head.

The victim went on to tell the officer that Trott ordered her to give him money and when she told him she didn’t have any to give him, he loaded a 7 millimeter rifle and pointed it in her face.

According to the victim’s statement, she was unable to call for help, because Trott had broken her cell phone, so that she would not be able to. She told the officer, she ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

Trott, who has been convicted of several felony charges, was reportedly in possession of a .22 caliber rifle, as well. According to the complaint, the victim also showed the officer a large flat screen television that Trott had allegedly shot.

Trott was taken into custody and processed, before being transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail. He has since made bond.

In an unrelated case, Derek Swiger, 26, of Grafton, is being charged with felony illegal possession of an explosive/destructive device, after officers from the Grafton City Police Department were called to the scene of an automotive break-in.

An individual contacted the Grafton City Police Department wishing to fill out a complaint form, stating that his vehicle had been broken into during the nighttime hours. When officers arrived on scene, they noticed several items laying in the backseat of the vehicle.

Among the items, were drugs, drug paraphernalia, a debit card issued to Swiger and what appeared to be, a homemade explosive device. The officer stated in his complaint, he called the card issuer, who told him the debit card had not be reported lost or stolen.

The officers believed the items were left in the back of the vehicle accidentally, by Swiger.

Swiger was arrested and is currently being housed in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $25,000 bond.

James Gray, 50, of Grafton, was arrested and charged with felony nighttime burglary.

According to the criminal complaint filed by a Grafton City Police officer, he was dispatched to the intersection of Graham Alley and Dorsey Street for a larceny complaint. Harrison/Taylor 911 dispatchers advised the officer that there was an individual loading items into his vehicle.

While enroute to the scene, a vehicle matching the description passed the officers going the opposite direction. The complaint states that the officers attempted to catch the suspect’s vehicle, which was traveling speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone.

The officer stated that Gray continued to evade them, but was eventually stopped and taken out of the vehicle at gunpoint. While searching his person, the officers found drug paraphernalia in Gray’s possession.

According to the complaint, when asked why he ran from them, Gray told officers it was because he was “messed up on meth.” Inside Gray’s vehicle, the officers found methamphetamine and prescription drugs that were not in their appropriate bottles.

They also found multiple items, they believed to have been stolen, including two cell phones and different types of jewelry.

After being taken to Grafton City Hospital for toxicology reports, Gray was transported to the Grafton City Police Department, where he admitted to police that he stolen the items. He was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

Joseph Thomas Board, 49, of Grafton, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, after a family member told officers he smacked her in the face and threw items at her.

Officers attempted to arrest Board, who refused to go peacefully into custody. According to the complaint, Board refused to comply and was forcefully placed under arrest. He was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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