Pitching in for a spectacular display of support for community

GRAFTON—Area business come together to help light up the sky with a beautiful display this Fourth of July.

Some of the merchants of Main Street got together this weekend to make donations to Taylor County Fireworks for this year’s Fourth of July show, taking place on July 6, with a rain date of July 7.

Melissa Garvin, of Taylor County Fireworks, said that their supplier will no longer sell a show under $5000, so in order to put on a dazzling display of fireworks, Taylor County Fireworks would have to raise that minimum amount.

She further revealed that the $5,000 covers permits, HAZMAT transportation, insurance and the shells.

Garvin said that they decided to start fund raising earlier this year, given the number of groups fund raising for various activities. 

Taylor County Fireworks says that they are very thankful for the businesses that have given in the past, as they understand that area businesses often get numerous requests from group fundraisers.

Hearing of Garvin’s plight, All Aboard Grafton stepped up to make a donation, as well as the downtown merchants of Three Texans Restaurant, Appalachian Flow Yoga and Arts and Treasures/Espresso Yourself Coffee House. 

“Donna and I are happy to support Taylor County Fireworks for their July 6 display for the community. As downtown business owners striving to keep our doors open on a daily basis, we appreciate any event which brings extra traffic to the area and the economic benefit it brings,” said Tom Hart of Arts and Treasures/Espresso Yourself Coffee House of their donation.

The Three Texans, Dave Cantu, Howard L. Freeze and C. Glynn Edwards, gave their donation as a thank you to the community for their continued support of their new restaurant. 

“After checking our finances, we were more than happy to give. This is a worthwhile cause that we feel it’s important to support. It’s also a way to thank you to the community for supporting us on our new venture,” said Cantu. 

Hart said that when bringing the donation idea to the board of All Aboard Grafton, it was a unanimous decision to give a donation.

“We applaud the efforts of Mike and Melissa for carrying on the tradition established by the late Dr. and Mrs. William and Becky Nicholas,” he expressed. “The tradition is much more than just a fireworks display. The tradition is about giving to the community and improving the quality of life here.”

As owner of Appalachian Flow Yoga, Breanna Collins said making the donation was just the right thing to do.

“The Garvin’s not only don’t get a dime from this, they donate their time and their equipment every year to put this on for our community. I just couldn’t say no to that,” she expressed.

Although the recent donations will help toward their goal, Taylor County Fireworks revealed that there is still a ways to go to meet it.

Individuals wishing to make a contribution to the annual display can do so by contacting Taylor County Fireworks via their Facebook page or calling Melissa Garvin at 314-323-7561.

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