Penny Wars Against Polio beings today

PRUNTYTOWN—Rotarians talked to the students at the Taylor County Middle School about the worldwide effort to eradicate polio and how they could have fun while making history.

Each homeroom was provided a 5-gallon water bottle for their pennies. 

Pennies count as positive points for their homeroom; but any larger coins or bills dropped in the bottle by someone from another class are negative points and will be subtracted from the point total.

Each morning before the start of school and at lunchtime, Rotarians will sell rolled pennies.  The middle-schoolers’ generosity is awesome. 

They buy pennies for their homeroom and to sabotage other classes with their nickels, dimes, quarters even $5- and $10-dollar bills.

As a reward the homeroom with the greatest point total will be served a special breakfast prepared and served by the Rotarians. 

Last year in four days, the TCMS students raised over $3,000 to end polio!  The three elementary schools contributed over $500 for “Hat Days” for the privilege of wearing a hat during school. 

In 2018, between the monies raised by the Taylor County school children and the match by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 17,500 doses of vaccine were purchased to eradicate polio.

In Penny Wars there are no losers.


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