Partnership with TCDA and WVU Reed College of Media begins

TAYLOR COUNTY—After receiving a proposal from the Taylor County Development Authority (TCDA), the West Virginia Reed College of Media Enactus WVU campaign team agreed to take on the organization for their graduate project.

Members from the two groups met for the first time on Thursday, to discuss their partnership and what it would entail.

During the meeting, Executive Director of the TCDA, Patricia Henderson, provided the students with some materials about the development authority, and revealed that they were only in the beginning stages of becoming an organization that is available to help the residents of Taylor County.

Although formed in 2015, the TCDA has been working to establish bylaws, obtain a non-profit status and has recently formed a board of directors and some committees to get the organization up and running.

“We currently have no logo or slogan and have done very little marketing outside of some interviews with the local paper,” Henderson told the students. “So, at this point, we are 100 percent moldable.”

The students told Henderson that their goal was help the TCDA obtain both a slogan and logo that would make them stand out to members of the community.

“We can, overall, improve all of your branding and marketing, as well as give you more of a presence on the internet through your website and social media,” said one of the graduate students. “Internet presence is so prevalent today to stay connected to your audience.”

Henderson reported that aside from their current Facebook page, which is used to share information from other entities, the TCDA does not have much of a social media presence.

“As far as a website, the development authority does not currently have their own official website yet,” shared Bryan Smith, a member of the TCDA’s Marketing Committee. “So, we didn’t know if that was something you all could work on for us.”

Henderson shared that she had discussed the option of a website with the development authority but had met with some resistance to the idea.

“Some of the members thought that it was a little bit old fashioned, so what we did was to use a page on the Taylor County Commission’s website, but it contains limited information,” she explained.

Henderson revealed that the development authority is ready to start moving full steam ahead in the revitalization of business in Taylor County.

“Our goal is to attract, increase and retain businesses and support long-term growth for Taylor County,” Henderson explained. “So, we are just looking to you all for a little bit of guidance, and we are excited to hear what your recommendations are.”

She said that she wanted the community to know that the TCDA is here and is ready to start working for them.

“It is important to us that the residents of the county know that we are here, we are available to help and to be a liaison whenever possible,” Henderson commented.

After discussion of some of the items they would like to focus on through a website, as well as any ideas for a logo and a slogan the students prepared to head back to Morgantown, with a better understanding of what the TCDA would like to do.

The Enactus students revealed that are really looking forward to working with the development authority, helping to establish their presence in the community.

“We will take this information back to our professor, and then will come up with a strategic plan for this semester,” noted an Enactus member. “Once we begin to come up with some ideas, we will be in contact with you all to discuss our options. I think this is going to be a great partnership!”