Pagliughi holds Muay Thai Seminar at Ground Zero in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN—Natalie “Killface” Pagliughi, a 2005 graduate of Grafton High School who turned to mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2010, held a Muay Thai seminar this past Tuesday at Ground Zero Systems in Morgantown.

Pagliughi, who trains out of The Yard Muay Thai in Los Angeles, California, said she was thrilled with the turnout and was able to review a lot of the techniques used in her sport.

“They have some talented fighters there. I was impressed,” said Pagliughi, referring to the fighters at Ground Zero Systems. “I covered a lot of push kicks because that’s my signature move.”

“I showed them the spinning back fist as well.  We drilled the entire time with some cardio mixed in,” she added.

I asked Natalie to run us through her seminar each step of the way, so readers could get a clear understanding of just how organized and intense these types of trainings can be.

“Here is how I structured it,” she went on to say. “First, I started us off with a cardio warmup, which included boxing combo drills. Next, we worked on specific combination drills. I talked and demonstrated each combo, why I liked it, why it works for me, and then I walked around and helped out each partner with it.”

“Next we covered Tabata kicks (one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training) and a plank war. After the demonstrations and drills, I asked for questions as well,” Pagiulighi said.

The seminar ran for approximately two hours and involved nearly 20 participants.

When asked what the future holds for her in the sport, Pagliughi added, “I’m probably going to be in Bellator next year. That’s the plan anyhow.”

Bellator is an MMA promotion based in Santa Monica, California and is one of the largest in the world. It is a rival of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), currently the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the world and based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bellator also has numerous former UFC fighters on their roster.

With the exceptional interest in her seminar, Pagliughi was asked if we would see her back in the area again anytime soon.

“I’m sure I will be doing something else locally in the future,” she revealed. “I only come here once a year though, so maybe next summer.”


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