Outlaws finish undefeated, named league champions

GRAFTON— The Grafton Outlaws are a newly created boys basketball team in the area that quickly gained recognition, shutting down the competition and becoming a winning machine. 

The team is comprised of sixth grade Taylor County Middle School students, Chase Maier, Mason Nestor, Carter Gillespie, Chace Kinsey, John Gouzd, Cameron Gray, Gage Alexander and Grant Murphy, who have proven themselves as elite basketball players. 

The team is coached by Eric Maier and Mike Nestor with the assistance of Chad Gray. 

Competing in the Morgantown Westside Competitive Basketball League, the chemistry, teamwork, dedication, hustle and athleticism of the Outlaws led them over their competitors and straight to the top.

The Outlaws were named as Westside League tournament champions and yielded a perfect 19-0 season. 

The staff of the Mountain Statesman would like to congratulation the Outlaws on their season! 

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