Orders entered after pleas head in Taylor County Circuit Court

TAYLOR COUNTY—Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Alan D. Moats handed down sentences in multiple cases recently.

Hearings were held earlier this month, and orders have since been entered in three separate cases.

After being indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury for one count of fraudulently welfare assistance and one count of fraudulent schemes, Terry Lee Grogg, 42, of Bridgeport, was back in court to enter a plea agreement. 

The negotiated plea deal stated that she would admit guilt to falsely obtaining welfare assistance, and in turn, the state would agree to dismiss count two of the indictment.

Additionally, Grogg would be subject to a sentence of one-to-five years in prison and a fine of not more than $5,000, however as part of the agreement, the state would recommend that her sentence be suspended, and she be placed on probation.

After hearing her rights pertaining to the entry of a guilty plea, the defendant, alongside her counsel Dean Morgan, withdrew her previous not guilty plea.

She then admitted fault and entered a guilty plea to count one of the indictment, fraudulently obtaining welfare assistance.

When it came to sentencing, Moats ordered that Grogg's one-to-five-year sentence would be suspended, and she would serve two years on probation under the watchful eye of the Taylor County Probation Office.

Noting that she did not have the financial means, Moats further ordered that Grogg would not be responsible for paying restitution in the amount of $8,660, as well as court costs associated with her case. 

Additionally, 32-year-old Alisha Lynn Hinerman, of Shinnston, was back in court to enter into a negotiated plea agreement with the state.

The defendant was originally indicted for one count of third-degree shoplifting by the Taylor County Grand Jury. 

The state agreed to let Hinerman enter a guilty plea to a lesser included charge because one of her offenses was committed more than seven years ago and was now outside of the statute of limitations.

With her lawyer, Jordan West, present, Hinerman entered a guilty plea to second-offense shoplifting, which carried a possible sentence of six months to one year in jail and a $500 fine.

As part of the deal, the state would recommend that the defendant only be subject to the fine.

However, Moats ordered that Hinerman would be sentenced to six months in jail, and would be fined $500.

He suspended her sentence and placed her on probation for a period of one year.

In addition, Hinerman was ordered to pay restitution to the Grafton Walmart in the amount of $571.70. 

Finally, Sean Matthew Trickett, of Grafton, pleaded guilty to felony failure to provide child support.

Because of his crime, Trickett could have spent one-to-three years in prison and have been subject to a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. 

However, because Trickett was willing to admit to his crime and enter into a plea agreement with the state, Prosecutor John Bord was willing to recommend an alternative sentence.

The state recommended that the defendant’s plea agreement be held under advisement for a period of two years, to allow Trickett to successfully complete the Taylor County Community Corrections Program.

During those two years, he would be subject to all the standard terms and conditions of the program, including daily reporting and drug and alcohol testing. In addition, Trickett would be responsible for paying restitution in the amount of $12,503.48, for his past due child support. 

If he was able to pay off the complete amount before the completion of the two-year period, he would be released from community corrections. 

Upon the successful completion of the program, the state would allow Trickett to withdraw his guilty declaration and plead to a lesser included charge of failure to pay child support and would only have to pay a $100 fine. 

Moats sentenced in accordance with the plea agreement, noting that should Trickett fail to adhere to the conditions of the community corrections program, his guilty plea would stand.



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