Operation: Beautification

GRAFTON—The City of Grafton is sponsoring a Clean Up contest, which will run from now until September 30.

According to City Manager Kevin Stead, other counties have held similar events, and they have been very successful.

The city is challenging residents to help clean up the town, by making improvements to their own property or an area of the city over the summer months.

“All you have to do is submit an application along with up to six before pictures of the property and up to six after pictures, showing the improvements that have been made,” explained Stead.

Properties entered in the contest must be within city limits. However, the contest is open to everyone, including social organizations.

“We have a lot of great organizations here that are always looking for ways to help the community. This contest is the perfect opportunity for these groups to do just that,” said Stead. “Whether they want to pull weeds out of city sidewalks, or pick litter up out of a park. Those are all improvements that will help our city.”

In addition to being in city limits, eligible properties must also be visible from a public street or road.

Stead reported that participants may enter multiple properties on one application.

Those participating are asked to provide a list of improvements they have made to each property, and to increase their odds of winning, to also provide a brief explanation of what was improved.

Improvements can include, but are not limited to, landscape work, such as cutting, trimming, and removing tall and unsightly weeds, demolishing dilapidated buildings, removing inoperable automobiles, clearing debris, trash or litter, making landscape improvements and removing dirt or weeds from sidewalks.

In addition, enhancements to the exterior of residential homes are also accepted in the contest. These types of improvements can include, exterior painting, new siding or new windows.

All applications must be completed and submitted with photos, no later than September 30.

Stead shared that a non-profit organization will be chosen to judge the competition.

The first place winner will receive $500, while the second place winner will be awarded $250.

“Our mission here is to encourage residents to take pride in their property, and their community,” expressed Stead. “We have a town to be proud of, so let’s clean it up some.”

Applications can be picked up at City Hall during regular business hours.

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