Nines reinstates sentences for two more defendants in Circuit Court

TAYLOR COUNTY—Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Shawn D. Nines revoked bonds and reinstated sentences for defendants who failed to follow the rules of their alternative sentences.

After having been found guilty to the charge of delivery of a controlled substance in September 2019, Zackery R. Hott, also known as Zoey Lake, was sentenced to not less than one nor more than five years, and that sentence was held in abeyance, and she was allowed to enter the Taylor County Community Corrections Program.

While on the program, Lake was permitted into a drug treatment program, and on March 8 2021, she was transferred to a facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, in April, she left the program without permission.

After failing to provide her whereabouts, a capias was issued on May 14t, and the defendant was arrested on February 16, 2022.

Alongside her counsel, Ryan Shreve, Lake petitioned the court to allow her to serve the remainder of her sentence on home confinement.

Community Corrections Director told the court of the defendant’s inability to complete rehabilitation programs, along with her failure to report to the program as instructed.

Finding that she has been given ample opportunity to address her drug addiction and seek treatment, Nines ordered that Lake’s sentence was reinstated with credit for time served.

Priscilla Ann Lewis was also back in court, with her counsel Gabrielle Flanagan, and share a similar pattern as Lake.

Lewis had been indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury during their March 2021 term for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. After entering a guilty plea, she was also permitted to serve her sentence under the watchful eye of the Community Corrections program.

In June 2021, Lewis attended an in-patient drug treatment program, which she successfully completed. However, once transferred to the Act Unit, the defendant had some issues and was released from the program.

Lewis was then accepted into the Waves Treatment Program, but in August 2021, the court learned that she had been discharged from the facility.

A capias was issued for her arrest that same month, and she was finally picked up in late February.

Lewis and Flanagan asked the court to consider allowing her back onto the Community Corrections program to address her drug dependency, however, the state expressed concerns due to her continued issues while previously on the program.

Nines ordered that due to the defendant’s inability to attend and complete substance abuse treatment programs, her bond was revoked, and her underlying sentence was reinstated.

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