NFHS tracking state high school federation seasons

TAYLOR COUNTY—The National Federation of State High School Associations is currently tracking the status of high school sports as fall approaches. 

As of August 11th, the following state associations have canceled, delayed, or altered their fall season because of the pandemic:

Alaska (First contests for fall sports moved from August 14th to August 20th).

Arizona (Golf – August 17th; Cross Country and Swimming and Diving – August 24th; Badminton, Fall Soccer, and Volleyball – August 31st; Football – September 7th).

California (December 2020 or January 2021).

Colorado (Boys Golf – August 3rd; Boys Tennis – August 10th; Cross Country – August 12th; Football – February 22nd; Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Boys Soccer, Unified Bowling, and Girls Volleyball – March 1st).

Connecticut (August 17th).

Delaware (Winter Sports – December 2020; Fall Sports – February 2021; The exact start dates will be decided at the September DIAA Board of Directors meeting).

District of Columbia (January 4th).

Florida (August 24th).

Georgia (The Georgia High School Association postponed the start of football season until September 4th; while permitted to practice, competitive cheerleading competitions are delayed until November 21st).

Hawaii (Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, and Girls Volleyball – January 2021).

Illinois (Boys/Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Boys/Girls Cross Country, and Girls Swimming and Diving – August 10th; Boys Soccer, Football, and Girls Volleyball – Spring 2021).

Iowa (The IHSAA announced a revised seven-week regular season football schedule that will run from August 28th through October 9th).

Kentucky (August 24th).

Louisiana (Cross Country and Swimming and Diving – August 31st; Volleyball – September 8th; Football – October 8th)

Maine (September 8th)

Maryland (Fall and winter competition seasons postponed during the first semester).

Massachusetts (September 14th).

Michigan (Soccer and Volleyball – August 12th; Football – August 17th; Decisions to start or delay (further) the competition timelines will be made on - or by - August 20th).

Minnesota (Cross Country, Tennis, Soccer, and Swimming and Diving – August 17th; Football and Volleyball – Spring 2021).

Mississippi (August 10th; Football starts August 17th).

Nevada (Winter Sports - January 2nd; Fall Sports - February 20th; Spring Sports - April 3rd).

New Hampshire (September 8th).

New Jersey (September 14th).

New Mexico (Through Governor recommendations, the NMAA canceled contact sports competition for the fall. As a result, the 2020 football and soccer seasons have been switched to the spring semester.)

New York (Not before September 21st).

North Carolina (To be determined).

Ohio (If, through Governor recommendations, football competition is permitted, the OHSAA will feature a six-game season with a postseason that will last no later than November 21st. Golf, Tennis, Volleyball and Cross Country are permitted to have contests. Decisions on Field Hockey and Soccer will be made at a later date).

Oregon (Basketball, Swimming and Diving, and Wrestling – December 28th; Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Cross Country – February 22nd).

Pennsylvania (August 24th, although the Governor has recommended that no fall sports take place).

Rhode Island (September 14th).

South Carolina (Girls Golf, Swimming and Diving, and Girls Tennis – August 17th; Cross Country and Volleyball – August 24th; Competitive Cheer and Football – September 8th).

Texas (August 3rd for conferences 1A-4A in football and volleyball; conferences 5A-6A will start September 7th).

Vermont (September 8th).

Virginia (December 14th).

Washington (September 7th).

West Virginia (August 17th)

Wisconsin (Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls Swimming and Diving, and Boys and Girls Cross Country August 17th; Football, Boys Soccer, Boys and Girls Volleyball - September 7th).

  *The following states will not play football this fall:




District of Columbia






New Mexico






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