New mural will bring color and history to downtown Grafton

GRAFTON—Downtown Grafton will soon be welcoming a new work of art to the area, in the form of a mural to be painted on the right side of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post home.

All Aboard Grafton member Breanna Collins revealed, that the approximately 18x10 feet area will be home to a mural that will feature the V-J Day Sailor and Nurse kissing photo, which will slightly resemble the original to avoid any copy right infringements.

According to Collins, the new mural was a collaborative idea of herself, Jr. Toothman and his son Jarrett Toothman, of Toothman Ford in Grafton.

Toothman Ford will be sponsoring the project, and chose Marty Mummert, of Marty Mummert Studio, out of Gettysburg, PA., to create the work of art.

Collins shared that she had shown Toothman several ideas for the mural, which she had found online, and together they decided to go with the patriotic theme.

Weather permitting Mummert is planning on beginning the project in early April, and has hopes to have the project completed in a weeks time, so that it can proudly be on display for the town’s 150th Memorial Day Parade, this year.

“These mural projects not only bring new life, color and vibrancy to our downtown area, they tell a story, represent free thinking and an open mindedness to our community and youth about self expression, and embody our history in a more modern perspective, while also encouraging and supporting various forms of art,” added Collins.