New look for six year old apparatus

GRAFTON—The Grafton Fire Department prides itself on being able to serve the community in various ways. One of the countless ways they are working to save lives is with the addition of their dive trailer.

According to Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm, the fire department houses the dive team for Taylor County.

“This team responds to any emergency where divers are required, not just in our county, but in surrounding counties, as well,” explained Crimm.

Taylor County has 11 divers that are certified in SCUBA, the acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, used by the divers to breath underwater.

“The dive team is also on a call-out list with the West Virginia Office of Emergency Management,” shared Crimm. “These divers are available to respond throughout the state, wherever their services are needed.”

Crimm said that the department utilizes a trailer, that houses all of their dive equipment, including their suits, tanks and an on-board portable refill station for their tanks.

After being in operation for 6 years, the dive trailer has gotten a facelift.

“We thought it was time to draw some attention to the services we provide,” explained Crimm. “What better way than by some awesome new graphics.”

Crimm said he would like to thank Lizard’s Wrapz & Signs, located in Barbour County, for the upgrade to the trailer.

“I’m really excited for how it turned out. I think it looks great,” expressed Crimm. “It won’t help us save our lives, but there will be no mistaking when we are on the scene of an emergency with the trailer.”