New Horizons to welcome residents at December 14 open house event

TAYLOR COUNTY—Through a partnership with PACE Enterprises, New Horizons has some new opportunities that are sure to be beneficial to the community and they are welcoming residents to their open house event to learn what those opportunities are.

In Mid-November, representatives from New Horizons, PACE personnel, county commissioners, Superintendent Christy Miller and community members came together for a ribbon cutting at New Horizons updated space.

“We’re here today and we’ll surely be providing services for adults with disabilities and providing assessment, training and placement for our clients in local businesses,” said PACE President and CEO Greg Morris.

Equipped with classrooms for training purposes and a large warehouse workspace, the new space is sure to help job seekers acquire the knowledge and resources they’ll need in the future.

The building, which was gifted in essence to New Horizons by the Taylor County Economic Development Authority, will serve disabled residents of the county and beyond.

“The EDA is excited to be a part of the process to make this project a success. PACE and New Horizons will bring an opportunity to our area without having to go outside of the county,” said Taylor County EDA President Shaela Duckworth. “Both organizations have a strong positive mission and vision that will ensure a safe position for their clients in the workplace.”

Roughly, 227 individuals in Taylor County are in need of employment and rehabilitation services. After the past Taylor County Sheltered Workshop fell through a void was left in the community, but because of a new partnership, that void will now be filled.

PACE Enterprises and New Horizons Industries have teamed up to provide those with disabilities the opportunity to work and thrive within the community, once more.

“We have come into an agreement with New Horizons, for PACE to provide the title 19 labor services for individuals with disabilities,” shared Stacy Wilson, Vocational Director for PACE.

Through the program, residents with disabilities will be able to find work through the program, reintegrating them into society, in a facility and manner that is suited to their specific needs.

“We are looking forward to giving individuals with disabilities in Taylor County an opportunity to experience the independence that comes from having a job and having somewhere to go to,” said Bob Pirner, Director of Development.

PACE, or Parents and Children Exceptional, is an organization whose mission is simply to help people with disabilities find and keep meaningful employment, through evaluation, counseling and training.

According to the organization’s website,, individuals are evaluated to determine their talents and career goals. After that information in obtained, training is provided to help overcome shortcomings and polish their talents.

PACE then works to either introduce them to a local employer or they are paced for employment in one of PACE’s business endeavors.

To date, PACE has helped individuals find jobs in food service, janitorial, retail, landscaping and grounds maintenance, document shredding, light assembly work, special events support and administrative and office work.

PACE and New Horizons are now on a mission to gather a client base for their new operation.

To do so, the organizations will be holding an open house on Saturday, December 14 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. They welcome the community to come and check out their new space and learn more about the program.


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