New Horizons Industries takes on new leadership and new building

GRAFTON—In the fall of 2016, New Horizons Industries (NHI) welcomed Terry Boyd as the Facility Manager.

 NHI will operate from the building that previously housed the Taylor County Sheltered Workshop. 

According to Boyd, the building was in need of repairs and remodeling, requiring upgrades to meet current building codes.  The offices, restrooms, conference/training room have been completely remodeled. The shop area of the building is being refashioned, according to Boyd.

Boyd said he and the Board of Directors are working to develop product ideas that could to made within the facility and are looking for opportunities to provide services to Taylor County, as well as its surrounding areas. 

He shared that one of the ideas was to create Paper Crete products. 

“Paper Crete is recycled shredded paper mixed with Portland cement,” explained Boyd. “This mixture creates some durable, waterproof, lightweight flowerpots, birdbaths, decorative lawn ornaments.” 

The paper would be provided from contracts gained from local entities seeking shredding services by NHI, commented Boyd.

In addition to Paper Crete products, the prospect of making and then selling items such as rustic rough sawn tables, home furnishings and seasonal decorations through a retail shop is in the proposed plan of operation.

Boyd stated, that NHI will be an integrated facility, meaning it will employ clients with disabilities through the Department of Rehabilitation Services, but will also employ individuals without a disability, as well.

“New Horizons Industries is a non-profit organization, with the sole mission of making careers possible for everyone,” expressed Boyd.

“The Board is open to public comment and suggestions of product ideas and implementation,” he added.

Those interested in offering input or seeking additional information, can call Boyd at 304-903-8315, or reach him by e-mail at [email protected].

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