New home provides ample space to serve the community

GRAFTON— Project HOP2E and the Adventure Club are thrilled to announce that they have a new home.

On Friday, the organizations announced that they have leased the Old Farmers Delight Building located in Greene’s Plaza.

The building that once housed a little of everything, with now be providing the community with many services and events.

During Friday Night Bingo at the Taylor County Senior Citizens Center, they made the announcement that they are renovating the Old Farmers Delight Building and moving in within the next couple month. 

Mike Thrush, President Project HOP2E shared that the players were super excited and a few already volunteered to help.

“When I made the announcement, you could see by their reaction that they are very happy that the community will have a place like this,” he expressed

The building will house the bingo hall, as well as the food pantry that provides food to many that are in need in the county.

In addition, Thrush revealed that they are also hoping to form a family community center.

“We will also be working on a much-needed family community center,” he commented. “This is something that we have been wanting to provide the community with and we are thrilled that we have the perfect space to do so.”

Thrush voiced this will be a safe environment for families and children to come out and enjoy.

“Our community doesn’t have a lot for our children and grandchildren to do, and in the upcoming months, we hope to change that,” he added.

Over the next couple weeks, the groups will be working hard to renovate the space, but to get everything done, they are asking for the community’s help.

“We will be working hard to get all the necessary improvements done to this building, so we can have our bingo hall and food pantry set up at this location,” said Thrush. “We want the community to be with the project as much as possible.”

Thrush expressed that anyone wanting to volunteer to help with this can reach him at 304-518-9665.

“This is an exciting project for all of us, we are looking forward to making a change in our community,” he voiced.

To find out more about Project HOP2E and the Adventure Club find them on Facebook.


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