New fleet of equipment unveiled to help repair roads

TAYLOR COUNTY—Last week, the Division of Highways revealed a brand-new fleet of equipment that will be utilized throughout the state in the upcoming months.

On Thursday, Governor Jim Justice and the Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Jimmy Wriston, P.E., were present the at the at the agency’s equipment headquarters in Buckhannon.

During the visit, Gov. Justice and Wriston took a look at the new equipment that will be used to repair the despairing roads throughout the state.

Some of the equipment in the new fleet included Gradall excavators and other rolling stock that will be distributed throughout the state.

According to the DOH, 280 new machines and vehicles will be distributed throughout the agency’s 10 districts by this fall.

The new machines and vehicles will be equally distributed across all DOH Districts for use in every county within the state, with additional maintenance equipment purchases possible in the months ahead.

Majority Leader Amy Summers reported that here in District 4, the equipment includes: four pavers by next spring, five new tandems with four more to come, six single axles by winter, four new 1-ton dumps with four more to come and one Gradall.

She also stated that they are considering additional crew for the projects.

During the visit in Buckhannon, Justice also praised DOH workers for all of their hard work.

“We talk about our seasons and natural resources and how close we are to the U.S. population, but you are the treasure,” Gov. Justice said.

In addition, Gov. Justice encouraged citizens to thank highway workers or give them a wave to let them know that they appreciate what they do for the community.


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